About Us

About Us

Culinary Crossings is all about crossing boarders and discovering new flavors from around the world. We hope share our experiences and encourage others to embark on their own adventures.

Our culinary team journeyed through Europe and visited with chefs throughout 28 European countries. Aside from being able to experience new cultures from each country we were able to learn so much about their cuisines. We learned about beers by visiting breweries in northern Europe, tried many verities of wine available in each country, and discovered new tricks and techniques from experienced chefs in each restaurant we visited.

We are also now working on a cookbook full of the recipes we discovered along our journey, dishes from each of the wonderful countries we visited in Europe. We are excited to share these amazing dishes with you, along with some great tips and techniques we learned from some of the inspiring chefs we met along the way.



Megan Riojas

Megan is responsible for creating Culinary Crossings. She is one of our Chefs, who is classically trained with a degree in both “Culinary Arts” and “Baking and Pastry” and has worked in the restaurant industry for over five years. She specialize in international cuisine and dietary need cooking. To date she has visited 35 countries and has cooked with chefs all over the world.

“Food brings people together and a good meal can create a lasting memory.” ~ Megan Riojas


Thomas Salazar

Thomas is the mixologist and marketing expert at Culinary Crossings, he handles the marketing, social media, and event coordination. As the Mixologist he is in charge of drink parings and drink preparation. Thomas graduated with a degree in communication and a minor in public relations from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi. He has worked as an event coordinator and bartender for many years and recognizes how both these aspects complement each other.

“Don’t travel to escape life, travel so life doesn’t escape you.” ~ Thomas Salazar


Jeremy Battles

Jeremy is a Chef at Culinary Crossings, he was part of the culinary team that went backpacking through Europe. He has an associate’s degree in culinary arts and has worked as a private chocolatier and as a cook for a Four-Diamond restaurant.His current interest in molecular gastronomy keeps him experimenting with food. He draws inspiration for his creations from other chefs. He is a big fan of Jose Andres and Wiley Dufresne.

“It’s important to learning every aspect of the culinary profession” ~ Jeremy Battles