Our first stop on our journey was in Amsterdam Netherlands.  

Amsterdam is a city steeped in history, from its beautiful architecture and canals to its more provocative industries, it seemed like the best place to begin journey into the world of European Cuisine.



We could not have asked for a better place to start our 3 month journey than this beautiful country. From the opportunities we had and the people we met to the knowledge we gained and experiences we shared..Amsterdam started our culinary journey off on the right foot!

Featured Restaurant – Café Onder de Ooivaar

Café Onder de Ooivaar is a pub with a wide audience and a strikingly large robust bar, which brews the most excellent coffee around and pours a variety of local beers from the tap. The small kitchen serves very tasty Dutch oriented meals and specializes in the infamous rather large Dutch meatball that inspired our recipe.

Featured Brewery – Jopen

Jopen is a fully operational brewery, grand café and restaurant located in a historic church out of Haarlem, whose mission is to recreate traditional Haarlem beers and bring them to the commercial market. We had the opportunity of taking a tour of this historic building and speaking with the head brew-master as he introduced us to the history and taste behind Jopen.

Our visit to Café Onder de Ooievaar                 10:43



Amsterdam -Meals on wheels- Food Festival  13:13